5 Reasons Why a Threat Intelligence Platform Will Improve Your Business

Adam Goss
9 min readMay 12

Threat intelligence platforms help organizations collect, analyze, and share information about potential cyber security threats.

They enable businesses to proactively detect and respond to threats by aggregating data from various sources into a single screen. This data is correlated, enriched, and made actionable through visualization tools so security analysts can quickly identify potential threats and prioritize their responses.

The top businesses worldwide invest in these platforms to keep safe, with an estimated market size of $11.27 billion in 2023 and growing at 14.9%. As a senior threat intelligence analyst, I have seen the great value they have brought to multiple large businesses across various industries. If you want to start getting serious about cyber security, you should too.

Let’s explore the five reasons why a threat intelligence platform can transform your business’s cyber security program from average to exceptional!

1. Keep up-to-date with the current threats

Cyber threats are evolving daily, with 39% of businesses suffering from a cyber attack in 2022. Every business should have a comprehensive cyber security program that protects them from the latest threats. Unfortunately, if your program does not use a threat intelligence platform, you are probably not protected.

Traditional security mechanisms like firewalls and anti-virus software only alert on well-known threats that have been seen hundreds of times before. These mechanisms are not designed to keep up with the latest 0-days, ransomware strains, or malware that threat actors use to carry out cyber attacks against reputable businesses. To protect against these threats, you need a solution that is continuously updated with the latest information about new and emerging threats. The timeliness of this information can be the difference between thwarting an attack or losing millions in revenue.

Threat intelligence platforms (TIPs) are dedicated to keeping your cyber security program in sync with the latest threats. This is why they are a key piece in solving the problem of securing complex systems today.

Adam Goss

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