CTI Report Writing: How to Communicate Threat Intelligence

Adam Goss
11 min readJun 10, 2024
CTI Report Writing

Cyber threat intelligence (CTI) reports are essential for every organization. They allow you to assess emerging threats, prioritize resources, and proactively defend yourself. As a cyber security professional, you must know how to write one and be good at CTI report writing.

This guide will teach you how to write a CTI report, what you must include, and showcase a simple writing process you can follow so you don’t get stuck with writer’s block. It will also highlight best practices for CTI report writing so you can start producing high-quality reports today!

Let’s start by first understanding why CTI report writing is important and the benefits good reports can bring to an organization.

Why Is CTI Report Writing Important

A cyber threat intelligence (CTI) report provides insights into current and emerging cyber threats and is the output of following the CTI lifecycle. It is the accumulation of all your and your team’s work and the ultimate value you bring to an organization. This is why it is so important to get it right.

Your intelligence consumer doesn’t care how you collect, process, or analyze information. They care about what insights you can deliver that will support them in deciding what action to take.



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