Free vs Paid Cyber Security Training: The Secret to Career Success

Adam Goss
13 min readApr 24

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Today I want to talk about a hot topic for anyone looking to break into cyber security or progress their career… free vs paid training.

Cyber security is an ever evolving industry which is in a constant battle to keep up with, and secure, the latest and greatest technologies. If a new blockchain technology is released then cyber security needs to be there to make sure it’s safe. If a new AI algorithm is taking the world by storm then cyber security needs to be there to make sure it is not abused. If some brilliant savant manages to crack the cryptography that secures our interactions on the Internet then you better hope cyber security is there to save the day. The foot soldiers fighting this battle are the cybersecurity professionals whose job it is to protect and secure systems, which is ultimately everyone in the industry who performs some technical role. As such, all professionals require some level of ongoing training as the world around them changes and new threats emerge. This could be in the form of awareness training, industry certifications/accreditations, or on the job training to keep up with the latest developments. If you are in the cybersecurity industry then your employer will usually pay for this training for you (so long as it falls within your job description). However, if you are looking to break into the industry or make a significant progression (either laterally or horizontally) then you may have to invest in this training for yourself as you look to upskill.

There are two types of training you can use to develop your skills; free and paid. Many people will say that you can learn everything you need to online for free, whilst others will be evangelical about paid alternatives. With this dichotomy of opinions raving rampant in the world of cyber security, let’s explore both options so you can decide which is right for you!

Free Training

Free cyber security training is any resource you can access without the exchange of money. There are no paywalls blocking your access and no subscription…

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