The Traffic Light Protocol: How to Classify Cyber Threat Intelligence

Adam Goss
9 min readMay 13, 2024
Traffic Light Protocol (TLP)

The Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) is a framework for classifying information’s sensitivity and providing guidance on how to handle it. It is a designation system widely used in cyber security, particularly cyber threat intelligence.

This quick guide will teach you everything you need to know about the framework, from the four colors it uses to classify information to how to use it in the real world and implement it at your organization using a five-step process. You will learn the benefits of TLP and best practices that will fast-track your success, and you will be ready to use the framework today!

Let’s jump straight in and explore this classification system.

What is the Traffic Light Protocol?

The Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) is a standardized classification framework for securely sharing sensitive information in cyber security. It was created to facilitate effective information sharing while protecting sensitive information from unauthorized disclosure.

The framework uses four categories to classify information based on its sensitivity, how it should be handled, and who the appropriate audience is. Each category has a designated color based on the colors of a traffic light, hence the name. These…



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